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How Not To Sell

Many people dislike financial consultants because they seem so mercenary. When financial consultants are concerned with landing big accounts to make a percentage off of the money they manage, the average Joe can feel passed over and unimportant. Furthermore, the culture we live in tries to convince people that if they buy another financial product or service, their money will be safe and they will somehow have security. It’s no wonder that it’s harder than ever for consultants to sell financial products and services.

We have a secret for you. Don’t Sell.

The concept of not selling in order to sell your services may seem like a counter intuitive approach, but just hear us out.

If people don't want to be sold to anymore, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t room for financial consultants to sell their products and services. It means that people are tired of being told what they need. They want to decide for themselves what they need, and how to manage their money.

So don't sell. Educate.

The antidote to selling is educating. Give your clients control over their financial lives by educating them fully on your products and services. The more knowledge they have, the more likely they will be to work with you.

Afraid that empowering the client will make your services less valuable? Don’t be! Have faith in yourself and in your product. The client still needs guidance.

How do you make sure you retain your perceived value to the client? The truth is, the more a client learns about the financial world, the more they’ll need to learn. It’s a complex world full of intricate concepts, and the more the client learns about these concepts, the more they will need to continue to learn in order to stay abreast of their own financial state. In giving the client knowledge and understanding, you are ensuring that you have become invaluable to them, not as a sales person, but as a financial teacher and a mentor. This mentor/mentee relationship will far outlast any type of relationship you could cultivate by selling someone products they don’t want. Give them what they want instead. Give them the ability to think for themselves.

In a climate where people are tired of being sold to, don't sell! Educate.

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