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Living Benefits ensure peace of mind.  We all know someone who has a parent or loved one who can no longer take care of themselves.  Perhaps you even have someone like this in your own family.  Living Benefits can give you piece of mind and help you mitigate the effects that long term care can have on your legacy.  Living Benefits can also help with the escalating costs of medical bills.  Too many terminally ill patients are faced with financial hardship as their health simultaneously declines. The last thing you need when faced with a health crisis is the additional stress of astronomical medical bills.  Living Benefits allow the policy owner to accelerate a portion of the death benefit when the insured is diagnosed with a qualifying critical illness, terminal illness, or chronic illness. 
Advantage Gold Partners can help you to structure your insurance so that your Living Benefits provide peace of mind in your most trying financial times.

Specific medical conditions that may qualify for the critical illness benefit include:​

Heart Attack

Different Types of Cancer


Major Organ Transplant

Kidney Failure


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