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Believe In Yourself

Advantage Gold Partners believes in financial independence. We believe in breaking the status quo and finding your own path. One of the reasons we are so capable at what we do is that we are able to teach people how to do that. We have a proven system that helps both laymen and those well-versed in finance navigate the potential hazards of the financial world and take back control over their lives. We are a group of Financial Creatives, and we teach you to think outside the box and make the system serve you.


We know our system works. We teach hundreds of people a year how to find their own financial independence, and we see their amazing results first hand.

We have to be honest though…not everyone makes it. While we do see hundreds of people pass through our program every year and attain incredible results thereafter, we also see people who simply stay put. They don’t achieve much after they work with us. In fact, some people never even utilize the knowledge we impart to them.

Why? Why spend the time to go to conferences or sit and listen to a consultant or a teacher if you are not going to do anything with the information you take away? Why do some people simply retain the information and take very well-written notes, but never follow through?

There are many answers to this question - too many to answer here, in fact. Life gets in the way sometimes, and plans do change. Yet there is still an underlying principle to beginning any task. It holds true in almost every area of life, and it applies to every new endeavor you undertake.

You have to believe you can make it.

Is this overly simplistic? Yes, it might be. The problem of self-doubt, however, is a very complex problem when you begin to dissect it. And self-doubt doesn’t just affect you.

Lack of self-belief affects your marriage. Who wants a partner who lacks self-esteem and lets themselves go? (Answer: No One.)

Lack of self-belief affects your children. Perhaps you're not making enough money to give them a happy future, but you lack the confidence to look for a better job.

Lack of self-belief affects your performance at work. We all have that colleague who skates by on the job, putting in the absolutely bare minimum amount of effort. Where do you think that laziness comes from?

You see, belief in yourself is the first step. The starting point is believing you can have a beautiful life. The starting point is believing you deserve a beautiful life.

The next time you have some time to sit and think, ask yourself the following question: “Do I believe I am worthy of abundance in my life?” You will need to fully absorb this question, because abundance isn’t just financial or material - it is emotional, mental, and spiritual as well. We all experience self-doubt, but has your own self-doubt caused you to miss out on life? Does it keep you from doing the things you want to do?

What’s your answer? Have you let your self-doubt push you away from the things you want?

So how can we grow our belief in ourselves?

The answer is: Baby Steps. The smallest of accomplishable goals can make a huge difference in our belief in our own ability to achieve. Just taking the smallest of steps can plant that seed in your head that yes, you can do this. You can build, you can achieve your dreams. You do this by setting goals, and achieving those goals one small step at a time.

It’s a tough world out there, and there are plenty of people who don’t want to see you achieve your goals. The biggest impediment to your success, however, is often found within you. Believe in your own self-worth and your ability to build a better future for yourself and your loved ones. This is the first and most important step on your journey towards wealth.

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