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All About Living Benefits

Let us introduce you to your new best financial friend. It’s name is Indexed Universal Life Insurance. Living benefits available from IUL plans have revolutionized the finance world. Living benefits can give you access to funds during life’s most trying times. Not only that, but IULs are structured to provide best for you and your family when you are most in need. Death benefits from life insurance are most people’s end goal. When you think carefully about the situation, however, death benefits are there to provide a financial cushion for your family when they are emotionally vulnerable and bereft because of death, not when you are living. There are many other trying times in life, and most of them do not involve your death. Why should your family only receive financial solace in the event of your death? Why shouldn’t they have access to funds when they encounter other major life changes, such as chronic illness, the need for higher education, a career change or job lay off, or the need for long term care? Indexed Universal Life Insurance policies provide the same measure of protection and financial security during your lifetime that your family will receive in the event of your death. You can provide for your family and your legacy by utilizing all the tools an IUL has to offer. How are living benefits different from traditional savings plans, such as retirement or college savings accounts? One way is that living benefits can be drawn upon tax free. Who can predict the future? No one can, and that can become a great liability when trying to build your wealth and plan of your financial legacy. Many retirement plans and college savings accounts tax upon withdrawal or even penalize you for withdrawing for reason other than the initially stated purpose. Living benefits allow you to draw on funds for financial assistance with a variety of different life events with no penalties. IUL policies don't ask you to be a fortune teller. They provide for your family and your legacy when you most need it.

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