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What does “Independence” mean to you? It’s one of those words that seems like it should have a generic meaning. Words mean different things to different people, however. How does this one make you feel? Does it make you feel peaceful, happy, motivated…afraid? The steps toward independence are not easy. Do you remember that little war our country fought to gain its independence from Great Britain? Well, sometimes it can feel like you’re fighting a war to gain your independence and freedom, too. Independence in personal finance is one of the key factors in growing your wealth. There are two kinds of independence in finance, and they are layered. The first layer is being able to sustain yourself financially. This stage is the most common interpretation of the term “financial independence.” If we peel back the layers of the onion, however, we find another definition of the term. The deeper meaning of “financial independence,” comes after you are making enough money to sustain yourself. True financial independence comes from knowledge and understanding. To be truly independent, one must cultivate these traits in two areas. First, the financially independent person understands her own financial situation. She knows what she makes, what she spends, what she owes, and she understands her particular spending and saving habits. She has both an in-depth and an overall perspective on her own financial situation, and she uses this information to make wise decisions. Secondly, the financially independent person understands his place within the financial world. He understands how different financial products can be used in his favor, and he keeps abreast of changing regulations within the finance industry and how they relate to his financial situation. He pursues education in these matters, because he realizes that growing his wealth depends on his ability to manage that wealth. If he feels he cannot manage it adequately, he enlists the help of finance professionals to manage the day to day tasks for him, but he himself still takes responsibility for his education in financial matters relating to his particular situation. Advantage Gold Partners is here to make you a financially independent person, not just on the surface level, but in a deeper, more meaningful way. True financial independence requires a level of understanding that exceeds what any one financial product can offer you, and even what any one financial consultant can do for you. Independence comes when we are able to understand our financial state and make decisions based on where we are at any given moment. It doesn’t mean we don’t need help. It does mean we don’t need to rely on anyone or anything but our own best judgement.

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